Thank You Letter (2 of 2) to the Passaro family

Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Center Martial Arts

Dear TCMA community:

In our first letter we mentioned that there was more to say about one amazing family in our community. They are the Passaro family. Anyone who has talked extensively with me has heard me talk about the Passaro’s. They have both been a staple in our community and not just because they show up. They are 100% invested in training and our community. In fact Travis is responsible for referring the most people to our business over the years. So don’t be surprised if he is the reason why some of your favorite training partners joined. There are so many stories that we could tell you about them. But we would like to share one specifically.

When Sensei and I made the decision to close our business, we were heartbroken at the idea of leaving our staff and students without their home. But we had to began the difficult process of telling them all about our decision. At that time we shook every tree we had and asked if anyone wanted to take over for us. I remember sitting on the floor in our office talking with Travis and before we could really even ask him if he would consider … he immediately said “YES!”. Honestly I could barely keep it together. Over the years Travis always understood what we tried to do and here he was telling us that he wanted to be the person to keep things going. He was the person we were looking for. Not all of you know Lisa yet but she has been a dedicated student of mine for years. Since we have gone down this transitional path together so many of our conversations have left me thinking back to how we felt starting out. She has the same level of care and concern for all of you that Sensei and I do. Travis and Lisa are responsible for continuing to provide you all with a home. For that, and so many other things, they have our eternal gratitude. Please join us in showing them all the love and support that they deserve.

Travis and Lisa have started their own business called Radius Martial Arts Academy. They will continue to be a Kore Martial Arts affiliate school working with Prof Luigi Mondelli and all of our current teachers are staying on board.  Monday June 1 will be their first official day at our current location. If you are a current student of ours, please show up the first week of June to sign up with them directly as no memberships were automatically transferred to their business. You will have to sign a new membership agreement and waiver with them. Please check out the Radius Martial Arts Academy website for new schedule and contact information.


Sensei Paulina and Denise