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TCMA Headed to Kayo Promotions Fight Night in Hempstead, NY

Good luck to Big Mike, Giovanni, Jose and Kris who will be fighting in the Kayo Promotions Fight Night on Saturday, February 19, 2011. For more details, please visit We still have tickets, if you would like to join us. Please contact us at 203.540.5020 before 1:00 pm tomorrow.


TCMA attending Fall Brawl Smoker hosted by Champion’s Gym

Sunday, October 3, 2010
Best wishes to Ramsay, Mitchell, Brad, Hero and Jorge in their amateur Muay Thai bouts at 51 Depot Street in Watertown, CT.
Results: Ramsay – win, Jorge – win, Mitchell – win, Brad – draw, and Hero – win.


Sun. November 8, 2009 Open House

So, you haven’t been able to visit our school to do the free trial classes that we offer. No problem, you are invited to attend our Open House on Sunday, November 8th. You will have the opportunity to meet all of our instructors and take all of our trial classes – in one day! Read more →