Thank you for visiting our site and welcome to The Center Martial Arts / American Top Team Fairfield. Below you will find answers to the most common questions that visitors ask us. However, we would like to encourage you to schedule a visit to our school or just drop by on a day when we offer a class that you are interested in. You can also give us a call at 203.540.5020 or send an email to office@thecentermartialarts.com.

Where are we located?

Our facility is located at 697 Post Rd in Fairfield, CT. We are up on the second floor above Sherwin Williams and Subway.  Click on our location below for directions.

What programs do we offer?

Muay Thai: adults
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: adults & kids
Judo: adults & kids (taught in conjunction with our BJJ program)
Full Contact Japanese Karate: adults & kids
Elite Fitness Training: adults

What are our hours of operation and class schedule?

To keep up to date with our hours of operation and class schedule, please visit our MINDBODY schedule. You may also book appointments for private instruction, seminars and special classes via this link or you can call us directly at 203.540.5020.

Can you try classes before joining?

You are welcome to participate in trial classes at no cost. Please give us a call at 203.540.5020 to setup a visit.

What are common reasons why people participate in martial arts training?

Personal challenge, fitness, weight loss, self defense, love of the arts, stress relief as well as competitive interests. We welcome a diversity of individual goals.

Can you borrow equipment or uniforms for trial classes?

We do not loan equipment but we are happy to loan you a gi a for a trial BJJ class. However, we ask that you purchase uniforms or equipment once you become a member of our school.

Can you do private one-on-one training as a trial instead of attending a regular class?

We do offer private training either one-on-one or for a group. However, the difference between a trial and a private is that there is a fee for the private. Please give us a call at 203.540.5020 to discuss available rates.

Can you watch a class before trying it?

Yes. Please feel free to drop by any day or time to observe a class of your interest.

What can you expect in terms of class structure?

Our martial arts classes start with a warm up and stretching, then we do technical training and then sparring (stand up) or rolling (BJJ). The sparring and rolling portion of classes, while recommended, is optional.

Do you have to be in shape before taking classes?

No. The first day can be the most challenging because you might not know what to expect and your body needs a chance to get used to a particular kind of training. But once you begin regularly training your level of fitness will begin to increase. You just have to start!

Do you have to have martial arts experience?

No. We accept beginners every day into all of our programs.

Do you have to compete in order to become a member?

No. There are a wide variety of reasons why members join our school. Among those reasons are stress relief, fitness and self defense. If you happen to be interested in taking your training to the next level, then we are happy to help prepare you for competition.

How do you become part of the competition team?

To become a member of the competition team you must have patience, commitment, and be willing to work hard. Developing the skills and fitness level to become a competitor takes time. If you have competitive interests, please speak to our staff. Our instructors will work with you to evaluate and prepare you for competition.

What are our rates?

To see a list of our rates, please review our membership options. We also offer a daily drop in rate.  Don’t forget we do offer no obligation trial classes at no cost.  Please give us a call at 203.540.5020 if you have further questions.