We ask that you respect our instructors, staff and students by abiding by the following rules. This is important to us because it ensures that everyone that comes into our school is treated with the same level of respect.


Please remove your shoes and hats.


Please use courteous language.

Getting ready for classes

Proper school attire is required for all classes. This means that if you are taking a class where you have to wear a gi, your belt must be tied correctly. We ask that you please remove all jewelry before stepping onto the mats. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before classes begin.


Please keep your body clean and regularly clip your nails. Also, please regularly wash your uniforms and gear.

Class Attendance

Attendance is tracked for promotion purposes and so that we can better serve our students.


Please address our instructors by title; Professor, Master, Sensei or Instructor accordingly.


We bow before we walk on and off the mats out of respect to our instructors. Only enrolled students are invited onto the mats. No food or beverages allowed.

During class

If you are late for class or need to step away temporarily, please wait for your instructor to invite you {back} onto the mat. If when attending a gi (uniform) class your belt comes untied, please turn away from your instructor and retie it properly. During practical training students are asked to be cognizant of each other and a lower ranked student should always move out of the way of a higher ranked student out of respect and to avoid injury and training interference.