2014 BJJ Program Changes at American Top Team Fairfield

14 January 2014

As a new year begins, we would like to thank Prof Luigi Mondelli for being a leader in our martial arts community and for being our head BJJ instructor.  All of our BJJ instructors are ranked under him and we take pride in this because truthfully people come and go for many reasons.  This speaks volumes about the kind of person that he is to all of us. When Sensei Paulina and I met Prof Luigi he was immediately encouraging and supportive of our goals and we his. Our relationship began on the mats doing private training and I never felt like BJJ was something that I couldn’t or shouldn’t be learning. My gratefulness about that being my first training experience continues as I train and teach today. Prof Luigi and American Top Team have both been great friends through the years and we appreciate being a part of such an amazing team.

This year brings some changes to our BJJ program.  First, our no gi BJJ and MMA instructor Kurt Chase-Patrick just moved to Florida. We would like to thank him for all of the amazing work that he did for our team and we wish him the best.  We definitely look forward to keeping in touch with him and training with him in the future. We have invited Steve White to become our new no gi instructor on Tuesday nights. I don’t know how many people actually know this but Steve has been one of the most dedicated students that we have ever had. He is a staple here and we couldn’t be happier for him to have a chance to become the teacher we already know he is.   We have also invited Sensei Chris Graney to teach a gi class on Monday nights. This is such a great opportunity for all of us to learn from someone whom we respect tremendously as a person and teacher. We thank both of them for agreeing to teach for us.

Another schedule change is that Edrik Lopez will now be teaching on Wednesday nights. This year his curriculum will continue to be Judo focused but will include BJJ.  For those of you who like to train on Saturday mornings, I will be teaching gi basics and offering enough time for open mat training. Prof Luigi will again be here on Thursday nights for gi training.

We are so fortunate to be surrounded by generous teachers in all the martial arts styles that we offer.  We hope that you will continue to want to learn and train with us.  We are really excited about the changes and we look forward to your feedback. Osu!


Regards, Denise Discepolo

co-owner American Top Team Fairfield


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