Thank You Letter (1 of 2)

Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Center Martial Arts

Dear TCMA community:

As so many of you know by now, The Center Martial Arts is closing this weekend. Sensei Paulina and I have decided to take the time to pursue some other goals together. Before I continue with our mutual reflections, I would like first to address her on a personal level. Without you, my life had a void that could never be filled by another person. With you, I have learned how to keep my eyes open and enjoy every moment that is possible. There have already been so many amazing moments. When we first discussed opening a school, I didn’t fully understand what we would be able to provide to those around us. I remember very well us promising to each other that we would foster an environment where everyone could be at home and learn in a way that was unrestricted. Many people have come and gone and even come back again. Throughout all of those changes, I feel that we accomplished what was so important to us. Thank you for opening the door to this part of our lives so that all of the amazing people that contributed to our happiness were able to find a place in our hearts.

We would like to say to Prof Luigi how much we appreciate that even when he barely knew us, he made a hand shake promise to work with us on the very first day that we talked about opening a school. As we would go to Danbury to take privates with him together, we would talk over what each of our goals were and we just kept talking until we were up and running. All these years later, he has remained our teacher and close friend.

Thank you to all of our amazing staff: Josh for always being super chill and consistent, Steve for his sense of humor and dedication, Edrik for his academic lens and willingness to challenge himself, Sensei Chris for his perspective and support, Kyle for his dependability and commitment, Jose for his love and resilience, Senpai Dalila for all of the laughter and fun that she has brought into our lives, Senpai Michelle for her endless support of us and our students, and Senpai Robin for always being an example of integrity and a true martial arts lifestyle.

Thank you to all of our students, we love and care so deeply for all of you. We would like to acknowledge some specific people for their extraordinary support over the years: Gorilla (Mike), Frog (Dave), Iguana (Ignacio), Kangaroo (Stefan), Tat (Mike), Cubby (Ivanna), Jorge, Jay, Sandra, Deb, Kas, and Senpai Aaron. Also the Passaro family (more to say about this amazing family in our next letter), Candee family, Mattera family, Adams family, Teed family, St. Clair family, Lowe family, Sherman family, Leite family, Estaba family, Plau family, Murray family, Boccuzzi family, Pearson family (AJ remember your promise to us), and Ramos family.

Thank you also to our teachers and mentors Master Liborio, Master Parrumpa, Prof Ge, Katel Kubis, Carolyn Fahey, Jeanine Oburchay, Evelyne Serais, Rita Adams, Doris Pasteleur Hall, Helen Faith, and Steph Murata.

If we could leave any sentiment behind it would be simply – be kind. Over the years as we have gotten to know all of you, we have seen first hand how amazing people are and equally how difficult getting through the trials of life can be. Thank you for sharing your lives with us and taking the time to connect on a personal level. We will miss all of you and hope to continue to stay in touch. Osu!

Please also read our Thank You Letter (2 of 2) to the Passaro Family for news about the new martial arts business taking over our location.

[FYI: Sensei's last class is tonight Thursday 5/28 at 6:30 pm and mine is Sat 5/30 at 10:30 am. Please come by and say... hello.]


Sensei Paulina and Denise